Welcome to Opentowork

This is a platform to connect those looking for work, Full or Part Time as well as freelancers, contractors and other sole traders and those with skills to offer to businesses looking for talent. This is a non-profit venture so there is a small charge - detailed below.
If you are a company or recruitment business looking for staff you can list the opportunity here as well.
The intention is for OpentoWork to become a CIC (Community Interest Company).
If you are an individual looking for work, you can click the (INDIVIDUAL) button and create your own profile, describing what you have to offer on a full time, part time, or contract basis.  Once you have set this up, you can edit the content as often as you like. There will be a charge of £1 per month to register your details.
Or a (FREELANCER) - If you are running  your own business as a freelancer, consultant or sole practitioner or sole trader and wanted to create great a way for business development -  for £1 a month - fill in your profile details with a brief description of services offered and your contact information. 
If you are a (COMPANY) you will have the opportunity to post vacancies or requests for help if you are unsure quite what form that assistance may come in. These will be advertised on this site and circulated amongst individuals with time and talent to share. There will be a charge of £1 per job per month.
If your need remains unsatisfied, you can click here to engage with one of the supporting team who can direct you to other services that may fulfil your need. 

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